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I fall deeper in love with Magdalena Wosinska’s photographs every time I find one of Deep Creek.

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"Please stay. I know I’m all odd-angles and rough-edges and an emotionally-stunted mess. I know, words gush out of me too fast and I am too loud, but see, silence scares me and I’m terrified my thoughts aren’t real, I’m scared they’ll get lost if I don’t share them with you, I’m scared they’ll disappear. I know, I know, I’m indecisive and unsure, but it’s because I’m scared of losing you and I was never very good at loving people; I never learned the right way to do it. And I know, my smiles are wistful and my eyes unfocused, but see - it’s because I’m fighting demons inside my head, I’m battling myself, and the thing is, it passes and I get better and when I do, I want you, I always want you. I know - I drink too much and sleep too little; I’m not as funny as I think and my clothes have too many colors and too many patterns, but see - alcohol burns me, so I wouldn’t have to burn myself, and sometimes dreams are too scary and they seem too real, so I tell myself jokes at 3am to keep the insanity at bay; and there is no such thing as too many colors , just like there’s no such thing as too many thoughts. And see, I know, I know I’m a handful. I know I don’t tell you, or show you, I love you, but I do - pay attention to the way I kiss you, to the way I hold your head to my chest, so that you can hear my heart tell you what I can’t. I know, all of that, but I still need you to stay. I need you to love me anyway. And I’ll try and do better. I’ll try and be better. Because I do love you."

- m.v., what I meant when I said - I’ll be OK (via findingwordsforthoughts)


"Ways to Phrase a Rejection" by Drowners

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summer blog with beauty and fitness tips~!

summer blog with beauty and fitness tips~!

Haim - live @ Le Trianon, Paris (01/03/14) [Mine]


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